Who should the waiter serving them at Kung-Fu Sushi be? (A New Neighbor part 16) 284 votes

92: Guile, no one does the hurricane kick better.

74: Garderobosaurus, I wanted to grow up to be a dinosaur when I was a kid too.

61: Stay the course, the Asian employee.

57: Mr. Washee Washee, cause I actually click on the links Chur recommends.


Who thinks a fist bump can be taken back? (A New Neighbor part 13) 196 votes

88: I don’t.  Fist bumps are a binding contract between true bros.

55: I do, but only at the cost of a severed hand.

33: I do, because fist bumps are for tards.

20: I don’t, because they are ratified in the constitution and to take one back, requires an amendment.


Who thinks Ted should go for Mei? (A New Neighbor part 1) 519 votes

223 voted: I don’t, Greg deserves better.  And if he does, I will drop kick both Ted and Chur.

216 voted: I don’t, he should honor his fist bump.

55 voted: I do, but only if there are multiple women involved, and a camera.

25 voted, I do, Ted does not get freaky with enough women.


When do you think Diablo 3 will be released?

92 votes: Don’t care anymore, I’ve had three kids and gone blind since its announcement.  Thx Blizz.

58 votes: Diablo 3? Is that the new spicy Taco from Taco Bell?

34 votes: End of the year.

20 votes: End of the 2nd quarter.


Who watched the Super Bowl”? 149 votes total

59 voted “Nope, not interested.”

50 voted “The f@#$ is a superbowl.”

25 voted “I wish I didn’t.  F@#$ the Giants, F@#$ ‘em x 2!

15 voted ” I did.  You can’t spell elite without Eli, baby.”


What do you think of this poll? 127 voters.

48 = “I love it! It totally kicks sphericals!”

40 = “Meh, I’ve seen better poles.”

34 = “Not bad, I’d poll it if it it was the last one on earth.”

5   = “I hate it.  This poll can suck it.”