I am not dead, lol.  I’ve just been really really busy.  Sorry for the total lack of updates, I just haven’t been able to find time.  My second child is due in January and I’m in the process of selling my current home and purchasing a bigger one to accommodate the latest addition to our family.  I also had a couple of bouts with kidney stones mixed in between, so time has been sparse.  I still have new ideas for Greg comics though, wet dreams, Ted’s love interest, office boners, some more Gregorious, I just need to get around to being able to work on the comic.  No ETA’s though, with a new child and a new place coming soon, Greg might be delayed even further.  Sorry to everyone who is still reading the comic and anyone who has written me an email.  I haven’t touched my email account in ages either.  But yea, I guess check the RSS feed or the facebook page for updates.  Thanks for continuing to stop by.