The Thirteenth Month Edition

1. I’ve learned how to sort of read my son’s facial expressions.  More out of necessity than anything since he learned how to pillage storage cabinets and climb stuff.  Here’s an example of a sequence of expressions that would prompt me into action:

mischief a2. Kids learn how to express “no” a lot faster than “yes”.  Mine shakes his head vigorously.

“Bathtime.”  “no.”

“Pick up your toys.”  “no.”

“Stop chucking food on the floor.”  “no.”

“Stop playing with your balls.” (yea, they do that when you change their diapers. looks painful.) “no.”


3. Poop diapers do not get better over time.

4.  In a relation to #3, when a toddler is running around all over the place and all of a sudden goes still, time to plug up your nostrils.

5. Being a dad is still pretty awesome.