So I pretty much wiped my archives in vain.  After teasing me for a couple of days, the navigation bar decided to kick me in the balls again.  So I removed the ‘latest’ button.  If you want to read the newest comic, hit the ‘HOME’ tab up top.  The ‘next’ button stops working as you approach the newest comic, so I guess keep on clicking on the comics themselves to get you to the next comic.  The archives . . . yea, they’re stomping on me as well.   I think the archives are about 6 comics behind, maybe more.  Once you hit the last comic in the archive, click on the comic image directly to advance to the next ones.  Sorry about this, but I have no clue how to fix this issue.  I thought I did, but I remain clueless.  If anyone is familiar with Comic Press, please help me out.  Thanks.