Firstly, I refer to a group of people as “guys”.  So “guys” means both males and females.  I didn’t want my female readers feeling left out.  Okay, on to the changes.

Not sure if you guys noticed, but I did some site renovation.  Minor stuff, but hopefully an improvement.  I took most of the parodies and all of Gregcraft off the archives and gave them their own sections on the menu.  Hopefully that makes the reading experience for the storyline smoother.   Gregorious is still in the archives however, I plan to tie them in with the storyline, soon . . . yea, I’ve been saying that for awhile, but I’m currently thinking of ways.

I also added random avatars to the comments section.  So if you don’t have a Gravatar, then you’ll get one of the randomly generated Greg avatars when you comment on my site.  I was trying to find a plugin that would allow you guys to choose your own avatar, but I couldn’t find one compatible with the Comic Press plugin for Word press.  If anyone knows of one, let me know.  Thanks.  But yea, guys might get girl avatars, and vice versa.  Hopefully that doesn’t incense anyone.

Some changes for the future.  I might finally update the wordpress version for the site.  If the site goes down for a prolonged period of time or looks even worse than it does now, it means I’m in the process of updating.   Reason being, my site has been crashing more frequently of late, so I’m trying to find ways to lower its resource usage on my host server. (I’m still on those cheap-o shared plans.  Anything else and the cost is way more.)  I already picked up a caching plugin, widget caching plugin, a plugin cleaner, and some other stuff.  If that doesn’t work, then, update I shall try.  I read somewhere that’s supposed to help.

Also, I’ll set up a poll to see if you guys want Amber D. to be a recurring character or to just get rid of him.  I have nothing against cross dressers, and my intent wasn’t to offend anyone when I came up with the character.  I watch a lot of Gintama and One Piece, and both animes have cross dressers, kick @ss cross dressers actually, so they were part of my inspiration for creating him.  I guess I did a bad job of it since he inspired a decent amount of negative comments on my site. (Most readers don’t comment, so a decent amount is around 5-10 for me.  So I might’ve offended more than just the people who commented.)

The current poll has about 50% of the voters wanting the comic to be half gag a day, half story arcs.  With about 25% wanting lengthy story arcs.  So I think I’ll have about four to five gag a day strips in between each story arc.

I guess that’s it.  Thanks for reading the comic guys.