Hopefully . . . One of my best friends came out with another show reel recently.  So I thought I’d help with his exposure by blogging about it.  He’s a professional stuntman working in Thailand and has done quite a lot of stunt work in big budget Asian movies, even appearing briefly (very briefly) in some.  Done commercials as well, but stunt work is hopefully just another step towards his goal of getting meaningful face time on screen.  I feel kind of a kindred bond between us, with the both us pursuing unorthodox careers.  Hopefully if happens for both of us.  But if you guys and gals have the time, please check it out.  Well, without further ado, his showreel:

Stick around for the ending, best part of the reel in my opinion.

You can also check him out in this Far Cry Live Experience youtube miniseries starring Mclovin’.  He gets a couple of seconds of face time at the 2:06 mark. (NSFW)