I hit a bit of writer’s block for the next strip so I do what I normally do when that happens, obsess over my man-love J-Lin.  It turned out to be a good idea since I was able to come up with today’s comic while staring dreamily into his pixelated eyes on my monitor.  He’s an Asian American basketball player for the Houston Rockets for those who don’t know.  But yea, my wife refers to him as my boyfriend. . . . sigh, if only . . . Well, she gave me the green light if he was to ever show an interest in me, so that’s good to know.  The NBA season kicks off October 30, can’t wait! And go Brooklyn, (just so people don’t think I’m a wagon hopper, I did mention I was a Jets, Nets, and Mets fan way back.  For the most part, the scrubs of the New York area sports teams.)