So I played about 15 minutes or so before I began working on my strip this morning.  Saw that there is a new patch.  They changed the colors of health pot lettering from white to blue.  Suddenly, I find myself picking them up again.  I guess colors play a pretty big roll in our initial perception of a loot drop.  I’m thinking if they really wanted to eff with us, they would change the lettering of trash drops from white to orange.

And I am totally stoked about the remake of X-Com.

I played X-Com: UFO defense back when I was a kid.  I remember it to be totally awesome.  Hopefully the remake will be even better.  One thing I might not look forward to, is the perma-deaths.  It’s a turn based game, so I pretty much saved every turn (yea, I know, pussy.)  And naturally, I formed attachments to particular soldiers.  I named one Kristi Yamaguchi cause I had a big crush on her after the 92 olympics. lol!  (yea, I found figure skating to be pretty fabulous back then.)  But yea, if she happened to get shot up during a mission, I would pretend that never happened and reloaded the mission so that she wouldn’t die.  I’d also have her shoot every alien on site so her stats would be super buffed.  She became Kristi Yamaguchi, hardcore olympic gold medalist alien terminator.  But yea, if she were to get sniped by a Sectoid (class of alien in the game), and perma-died, I think I would’ve shat myself and cried.  Anyways, looking forward to that game since raising my kid has pretty much eliminated multi-player games for me, until he’s able to play at least.