Yes, Greg and I both need your help.  The strip’s growth has stagnated the past two to three months.  The strip’s been sitting on a little over three thousand unique hits daily during that period with no movement (tracked by google analytics).  I’ve been dropping about six to seven dollars daily on project wonderful advertising, but it looks like that well of readers is starting to dry up.  I’ve also updated way more frequently on the facebook fan page, but to no avail.  The ultimate goal for the strip is for me to generate enough of an income through the strip to support my family (or at the very least chip in some), that and world domination.  But I probably can’t do either at this point with my current amount of readers.  If you guys know anyone who might be interested in the strip, please help me out by spreading Greg to him or her.  A hundred million thanks for everyone who helps out.  Unfortunately, there’s no monetary value in my thanks (100,000,000 x 0 = o)  But there is definitely lots of sentimental value in it (100,000,000 x lots = priceless).  Yea . . . That last equation didn’t make any sense.  I failed pre-cal in high school.  Guess I should’ve brought my abacus to school more often.

Tackling some loose ends while I’m at it.

Gregorious? What gives? Will we ever see him again?

Short answer, yes.  Long answer, eventually yes.  lol, okay, no wise a$$ing.  I figure a lot of my readers came to my site by clicking on the Gregorious ad.  And a couple have inquired as to whether I plan on continuing his adventures.  And yea, I plan on it, but I’m also planning a Gregorious/Greg crossover to bring him back.  Just waiting for the story to progress to that point.


That’s a big maybe.  Somewhere along the line, I stopped having fun writing Gregcraft, so until I get the motivation to write for that series again, it’ll probably sit on the way back burner.

Ever heard of opening a store, Chur?

Yea, I am a terrible procrastinator.  Some readers have already told me to do it, and I will.  After all, I do want to generate more of an income, but it’s a mixture of both laziness and fear at this point.  Ultimately, merchandizing is going to be what makes or breaks the strip.  If readers don’t like my strip enough to purchase stuff . . . then . . . I’m going to have to wake up from my dream and enter the 9 to 5 reality again.  A prospect that is . . . terrifying, lol.  So I’m pretty much trying to hold onto my blissful ignorance for as long as I can.

My social circle is comprised  solely of me and my hamster, how else can I support you, Chur?

Don’t block ads and left click liberally.  And I feel you hamster dude/dudette, I had a brief period where the only ones I was talking to were my goldfish.  TMI?

That’s about it I guess, thanks for reading everyone.