Well, I’ve been a dad for six weeks.  Just referring to myself as a “dad” still feels weird, but yea, it’s been quite the learning experience.  One that I will share in list form and in no particular order.  Maybe some of you other fathers out there can relate.

Five things I’ve learned since I’ve become a dad:

1. Babies fart.  Loud.  Which may come in handy.  If I ever wanted to let one rip in public, I can always blame the baby.

2. I learned the true meaning of “tired”.  My wife told me to grab the milk bottle during three separate 4 AM feedings, I came back with a box of Golden Grahams, a Lysol Spray Can, and a loaf of bread.

3. Bottle of Milk  >  Dad.  My son straight up bawls when he gets hungry.  If I were to get destroyed by a T-Rex tomorrow, I’m positive my son would cry more for his milk.

4. Mommy is #1.  Just stating the obvious there.

5. I didn’t know how much I can love a living, breathing, poop factory.  awwww . . . or ewwww . . . ?  But yea, I had to throw my Kodak moment out there.  Do people still refer to touching moments as Kodak moments or is it “Canon Powershot 24 megapixel” moments nowadays?