Well, this one is based off of true events.  A friend of mine, was hanging with a bunch of friends back in high school, and somehow he ended up walking alone with the girl he had the biggest crush on at the time.  The situation was awkward, the silence was deafening.  He racked his mind for something to say and what he came up with was, “Great weather today, huh?”  It was cloudy, with drops of rain starting to float downwards.  She responded with something out of politeness and moved on after another silence filled, excruciatingly awkward minute.  For the next couple of days, my friend butted his head against the wall whenever he had the opportunity.  Oh the memories . . . uh, my friend’s memories . . . lol.

One more thing, if I miss Monday’s update, you know what’s up.  However, the forecast does call for a 99% chance of a new update on Wednesday.