Morning subway commutes in New York City can be pleasant, if you don’t mind the pushing and jostling of the crowds, the barely any room to breath, the frequent over powering body odors,  the occasional fart or two and the often smelled foul breath of a mouth breather (It is morning, I’m willing to wager at least one person in an overcrowded train has not brushed his/her teeth).  There are other problems that arise as well, but I think I’ll stay away from them. As for the middle fingers, inspired by a commercial I’ve been seeing way to often on yahoo sports.  “Wild Turkey, Kentucky Bourbon”  Their slogan is “Give ‘Em the bird,” to order their drink.  Quite possibly the dumbest slogan I have ever heard.  I’m not too sure about bar etiquette, but I think you just might get your ass handed to you for ordering a drink with your middle finger at the wrong bar.

Crazy Bat Chick v 2.0.  Brought her back with a slight re-design.  You can check out how she used to look like here: