Got a little side tracked this weekend with personal stuff, so there is no sketch to accompany this weekend’s blog.  Sorry everyone.

Just ended the Gregorius Medusa arc.  I think Gregorius and Tedidicules have been turned to stone more than enough for one life time.  I think questions that most people would have coming out from that arc are:

“If Medusa turns people to stone with her gaze, why would Gregorius and Tedidicules be turned to stone if their eyes never left her boobs and cootchie?”  Peripheral vision.  Just as it allows me to see boobs from five different websites all at once, it allows them to view her in her entirety.

“I thought the stone statues were chained after they tried to escape.  What happened to those chains?”  The chains were moved to their legs and feet between strips.  You couldn’t see them due to the angle of the pictures.  And if you didn’t buy that, magic chains that turn invisible between strips.

“Are there going to be more installments for Gregorius?”  Yes, eventually.  I like placing Greg and Ted in different scenarios from time to time.  It satisfies the ADD in me.  I usually have a lot of random ideas floating around that don’t tie in with Greg’s actual world, so the once a week spoofs provides me an outlet for these random ideas.  So Gregorius will be back, but I would like to publish some new random stuff in the mean time.

And I guess that’s it for my self Q & A.  Remember the mass email questionnaires that your friends answered and would send you so you can read it, replace their answers with yours, then mass email them to your friends yourself?  I hated those.  Doing this self Q&A kind of felt like doing one of those.

“So Chur, why did you do such a hypocritical thing?”  *purposely stubs pinky toe on bedpost for being a hypocrite*

Well other than that I guess that’s it.  Feel free to ask me questions on any of the strips so I don’t have to stub my toe any further.  On tap, will there be more running in store for Ted?  what new spoof will be out this week?  Tune in this week to find out.  Thanks for reading guys and gals.  Go Jets! Beat those Bills.  Even though I do like the Bill’s resurgence, they being a New York team and all, I’ll root for the Bill’s resurgence next week.