Hey everyone.  Hope everything is well this Sunday.  I’m actually writing this Sunday Sketch on Thursday.  It’s the first week of football and I want to catch as many games as I can.  Today… or uh… three days from now?  Whatever today is suppose to be, I’ll be talking about my Facebook  fan event.  Not exactly the marketing juggernaut I envisioned it to be.  To be honest, it would have dropped a doughnut if my friend, Peter, didn’t bail me out and recruit three of his friends.  (Either I forgot how to spell “doughnut” or I always spelled it wrong.  I had it as “donut” until spell check told me I was an idiot.)  So many thanks to Peter for helping me out and that’s why he gets to appear in a strip with two babes in each arm.  I’m sure his fiance is loving the strip.

While the fan page event hasn’t generated much interest, I’ll keep it going in case anyone is interested.  If anything, I’ll just have myself be the default winner if no one participates … which is pretty sad.  Hmm, I thought I had more to say about it, but I guess I don’t.  Well, the new story arc has Ted running around solo on a college campus.  I figure Ted needs an arc of his own.  I’m not entirely sure how long it’s going to be at this point.  It was kind of an eleventh hour inspiration type of idea when I realized schools were opening back up.  Hopefully no one tries to do what Ted does.  I don’t want anyone getting arrested because of my strip.  But I enjoy writing about Ted, he’s fun to write about.  He’s the guy I wanted to be on those lonely Friday nights when I was younger.  And there were many, lol.  But yea, he lives a guilt free, fun-filled, womanizing life.

Well, on tap for this week, more Gregorius (will they ever be freed from their stone prison?), and more Ted, unleashed on campus.  Later gators.