Hey guys … and gals.  Hmm … I want to be PC with my greetings, but saying guys and gals makes me feel like I’m talking on some kids show.  Dudes and Dudettes?  Bros and uh … Sis’? Well I’ll go with “everyone” for now, a little impersonal, but it encompasses all.  Just minor aesthetic changes to the site.  Moved some of the promotional stuff nearer to the comic, they weren’t getting much love down near the blogs.  Also plugged the archive icon onto the navigation menu to make it slightly more accessible.  Also plugged in the randomization icon as well.  I’m not too sure about the randomizing icon, I’ll give it a try for now.  Maybe the comic might be fun to randomize when you’re reading it with a buzz or something.  If you have the time, please help me out by clicking on some of the promotional stuff below the comic.  Thanks everyone.  Also if anyone has any suggestions or complaints about the slightly new layout, let me know, I’ll move stuff around again.