This is the very first strip for Greg.  I figured having Greg move in is a good place to start.  I think the way he’s handling the move is similar to my own experiences moving in.  It usually takes me forever to unpack all my stuff.  I’ve lived at my current residence for over a couple of years now and I think I’m still technically “moving in”.  I’ve got boxes hiding in the closets somewhere that are still unpacked.  I don’t even remember what’s in them anymore. That brings up my question, if you never unpack an item, was it even worth packing to begin with?  I don’t know.  Perhaps there’s value in the item, sentimental or actual,  just no current utility for it.

As far as the strip’s slight on Queens, I actually live in Queens and I like it here, so I don’t have anything against it.  I just feel that when people think of New York City, they’re picturing Manhattan.  It’s like my tourist test (I don’t know if anyone else has coincidentally come up with this, but I’m taking credit for it.)  Basically it’s this: if I was a tourist, which parts of New York City would I want to visit.  Empire State Building, Fifth Ave., Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Chinatown, Little Italy, Statue of Liberty… and so forth. All of these landmarks are located in Manhattan, well, not the Statue of Liberty, but the ferry to get there is still in Manhattan.  I don’t think I would even know the names of the other boroughs.  If I stepped foot in Staten Island I would think I was in Jersey or something.  Not to say that there aren’t any landmarks in the other boroughs (Bronx Zoo, Flushing Meadows Park, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens… ah… I’m drawing blanks for Staten Island.  It might as well be Jersey to me.), it’s just the landmarks are few and far in between.  I took a slight detour to anger the Staten Island residents, but coming back to my original point, the other four boroughs would not pass my tourist test.  I think they should only be visited if you’ve hit up all the landmarks in Manhattan and have some time left over.  Even then you might want to double back to some places that you’ve been to before, before visiting the other boroughs.